Projects Management

1.Feasibility Study and Cash flow of Proposals

2.Contract Review, Contractual Negotiations

3.Plan & Control of Scope, Cost & Time

4.Plan, Control and Implementing HSE/Quality Plan & Manuals

5.Budgeting and Cost Control

6.Resource Allocation

7.Human Resource Management

8.Risk Management

9.Asset integrity Management 

10.Management of Engineering & Procurement

11.Construction and Commissioning Management

12.Change and Claim Management

13.Closing of Project

South Pars Gas Field Development Phases 17,18 :



LocationAssaluyeh phases 17 and 18

Project objective:

Performs detailed engineering, procurement, construction, project management of %60 of
total project on the onshore section
EPC of 20 Km production pipe line for LPG & Condensate (OSBL)

Project productions:

  1. Daily production of 57 million cubic meters of natural gas
  2. Annual production of one million tons of Ethane and 1.05 million tons of   liquid gas (Propane and Butane)
  3. Daily production of 80 thousand barrel of Condensate (C5+) and   400 tons solid Sulfur
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