What is the difference between lateral tee and True WYE

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We should analyze this from their shapes:the lateral tee divide two branch pipes:one is same direction with the inflow pipe,the other have a 45 degree angle to inflow pipe. The WYE have two branch pipes at a 45 degree angle between them,and the two branch pipes are symmetrical to the centerline of the inflow pipe which means the two outflow direction are both at 22.5 degree to the inflow direction.

Comparing the two lateral pipe fittings,when the inflow pipe direction is horizontal to the ground,we can choose the lateral tee for better support from ground,and when the inflow pipe direction is vertical,then we’d better use the WYE fitting,it will bring a symmetrical interaction force to the piping system. Such designing will make sure the pipe in a stable support when running.

Lateral size:

The latrolet (Lateral Outlet) is one kind of tee fittings,which has a 45 degree branch from a pipeline.

Laterral tee size


We have a team of experienced professionals with years of experience in manufacturing. Lateral tees are pipe fittings with two outlets, one at 90 ° to the connection to the main line that has tiny holes. Lateral tees can either be extruded or fabricated and are used to connect two pieces of pipe or fittings. Lateral tees are used in pipelines that are pigged.

Post time: Oct-29-2020