Export seamless reduing tee to India

Reducing tee

Butt weld reducing tee has a branch that is smaller than main run. This allows for branching off to a smaller pipe of equipment from the main run.


Reducing tee also called unequal tee  is a butt weld pipe fitting in which the branch port size is little than the parts of the run pipe. Reducing tee make them open of various size and two openings of the same size. This sort of pipe fitting can likewise consider size lessening from one of the run ports to the next. For various applications in different businesses, the reducing tee are accessible in numerous different blends of sizes and designs. Aside from the standard sizes, other surprising mixes of size can likewise be accomplished utilising segment parts of tees, diminishing tee and reducers.

Reducing Tee are accessible in female string attachments, solvent weld attachments, side outlets and contradicted dissolvable weld attachments. These sorts of pipe fittings are vital as they fill two needs, i.e., they are utilised to join or split a liquid stream. These are broadly utilised for positive and vacuum applications. Besides, reducing tees can likewise be utilised to minimise conveyance lines to encourage ice creators. Because of their smooth stream ways, there is no turbulence in this way they can be utilised for water and waste supply. They are for the most part utilised as a part of the fields of semiconductor, and concoction handling.


Stainless tee TP321 DN400X250 SCH 60S XSCH80S AMSE B16.9


Material available for BW pipe fitting


ASTM A420 WPL6 Pipe Fitting

  A 234 Gr. WP22 Fittings

  Smls A234 Wp11 Fittings



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